Formula 1 Lotto System

'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System'™

The Magic Secret Weapon for Pumping Money from Lotteries' Vaults Directly into Your Bank Accounts...

"Why You Won't Find A Lotto Winning Software Like This Anywhere Else On Earth?"

I don't want to get into too many details about how powerful this software is...

All that is really important to you are these facts:

1) It works. The formulas used to make the software were discovered by Professor R., the MIT statistical genius... It's genuine...and it's taken more than 27 years to perfect!

- Moreover, you've seen the kind of success stories it generated for me and for other people, all over the world. --

2) You can use it for the lotto game in YOUR country.

In fact, it works for any type of major lottery game world-wide....

All the 5 ball games 6 ball games, (these are the games with the best winning odds and most prize money to be won) - You can even play 7 ball games (although these are really tough to win because the win percentages are astronomical).

(By the way I highly recommend you forget about playing 3 and 4 ball games. They are a total waste of your money with regard to winning % odds)

3) You WILL know how to use the software.

There are only 2 requirements:

1. You need to know basic English. Check!

2. You need to know how to point and click with your mouse. Check!

Yes, Glen! I'm Ready To Start Winning More Lotto Prizes, Starting NOW!

I don't want to wait anymore... I know there is no time to lose.

Thanks for your incredible 12 month 'no lose' guarantee, also. This takes all the pressure completely from me...

And... I get to keep these bonuses (worth $106.95) with regards from you:

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Formular 1 Lotto System Successful

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Winning More Money When You Play Your Favorite Lotto, Lottery or Powerball Game

Lottery System
Lottery System

"After 10½ Years Of Painstaking Research and Testing, A 62 Year Old Mathematics Professor Has Finally Cracked-The-Code To Winning More Money, More Often, Playing Lotto, And He's Now Making This Amazing System Available TO  YOU AND JUST 274 OTHER OTHER PEOPLE ONLY"

Dear ,

What could be more exciting than watching TV and knowing that when the last Lotto ball drops into place that it's going to make you a millionaire?

What could be more rewarding than knowing when the final Lotto ball takes its place along all the other numbers that your financial future is secure at last?

 What could be better than knowing that when you're a Lotto winner…you're a BIG winner because you'll never have to work again?

When you've got the "magic numbers," you can pay for all of life's necessities

    Buy a home or pay off your mortgage
    Take care of all your remaining car payments (and maybe get a second car!)
    Have money for your children's education …and still have plenty left over for all the fun life has to offer
    Incredible vacations
    High-powered sports cars
    Luxury cruises
    Homes around the world
    Gourmet meals at the finest restaurants
    A lifetime of travel…

These are the dreams that millions and millions of Lotto players have each week.  Players from Bangor, Maine to Bangkok, Thailand; from Paris Texas to Paris France, all cross their fingers and "pin" their dreams to numbers that they've selected by luck, hope, or pure superstition.

It's no wonder their dreams stay dreams.

  Luck, hope, and superstition may work in the movies, but in real life, it's better to have a plan.

Well, don't despair, and don't give up, because now there is a way that you can cut those odd down by thousands of times so that you'll start winning more  cash prizes  every time you play.

Here's what it's all about:

Now, I'm a keen Lotto player, and have been playing most of the Lotto games of one kind or another for at least 20 years. Probably longer.

6 from 40 Lotto...6 from 36 Pools.... 'Golden Casket'.... 'Powerball'... Mega Millions and the list goes on and on. You name it, I've probably played it.

When I first started playing I selected all my numbers by writing them out on small pieces of paper, putting them all into a jar, then picking them one-by-one and writing them onto my Lotto cards.....

....Real 'Scientific' eh!

 I was playing different numbers each week and, on average,  I would invest about $30.00 a week playing Lotto using my..... 'scientific' number selection system.

The only time I invested more was when there was a big prize pool, and then I'd usually double that to $60.00.

Now, in all the years I continued to play using random numbers, can you guess how much I won. A grand total of..... $298.90.

From my 'pick the number out of the jar method', I graduated to picking my numbers by choosing birthdays.... anniversaries.... children's ages, that type of thing. I did that because it seemed to me that most of the Lotto winners I was hearing about always stuck with the same numbers, and those numbers usually seemed to be  birthdays... anniversaries..... etc.

But, even doing it that way my win results were about the same .............. BAD!

Now, I'm a bit of a numbers person, so one day I thought that I'd just work out how much I 'really' had spent in one year playing Lotto.

When I'd finished adding up  the numbers, the blood drained from my face, because there it was in black and white..... I'd spent.....

...$2,297.00 In One Year Playing Lotto.

But that wasn't the worst of it. My Lotto 'winnings'  for that same year were .....wait for it........$21.00. (Why don't you try that exercise? Go back and add up what you've spent and what you've won playing Lotto. I'm sure you'll feel as sick as I did when you add up the numbers)

With those figures pounding at my insides, I began a quest to find a system for playing Lotto that would increase my chances of winning. Despite my exhaustive search, I found all of the so called 'systems that were around were still  never any better than just depending on pure luck.

The popular Lotto systems I investigated like the various 'wheeling' systems, only get winners because of the shear number of players that get involved. But your chances as an individual of winning are no better that zero. 

Other systems were so complex to use, that you'd have to be Einstein to figure out how to use them.

I even bought a system that promised I would...." Win $20,000 a month manipulating the lottery systems".

I'm embarrassed to say ....I paid money to that person for that so called 'system'. But I wanted to did want to look at everything.

Despite all my investigations and searching, and after spending $1,150.00 actually buying these systems to test, I'd gotten absolutely nowhere, and I began to believe that there was no truly workable and effective Lotto system available anywhere.

That was until I met 'Professor Robert'

Now, Professor Robert is not his real name, but because he works at a major  University as a Professor of Mathematics, if his real name ever got out,  his career at the University could be jeopardised. So I promised him faithfully that I would never reveal his real name.

Anyway, I met Professor Robert really by accident.

I happened to be at the University the Professor works at doing some research for a marketing course I was writing.

I went to have lunch in the University's bistro and when I walked in I noticed a grey haired man sitting at the end of one of the long tables. He had a few books open an was feverishly typing into his laptop computer.

I finished getting my lunch, and thought that I'd go and sit next to him, because I felt like a bit of conversation and I was curious about what he was doing.

Unfortunately, he wasn't much interested in conversation, so I just sat quietly, finished my lunch, and decided to pull out my Lotto cards to write in my numbers for the week.

Then, 'out of the blue' he looked up at me and said......

....." Oh...You Play The Lotto, Do You?"
I said....'Yes...... I play every week'. And with that he handed me two pieces of paper and said, 'use these number'. And with that he packed up his books, got up and left.

At the time I had no idea who this person was, but I thought.....why not. I certainly couldn't do any worse that what I was. So I started reading what he had given me.

On piece of paper was a page of tables that had boxes with numbers written in each box. On the other was a page of what looked like handwritten instructions.

As I began to read, I realized that what he 'd given me was some sort of formula for selecting Lotto numbers.

He had written down six very specific rules that I had to follow to select my numbers and they had to be followed to the letter. Which I did.

 All up it took me about ten minutes to take the numbers he had given me and to plot them onto my Lotto coupon. When I finished I took them down to my usual Lotto agency, paid my money and forgot about them.

What happened a few day later absolutely stunned me, because when I checked my numbers off on the night of the draw. I'd won $123.50.

 I couldn't believe it!

My first thought was that it was just a fluke, but over the next 9 weeks, using the same numbers I  won a total of $432.85.

Now, you could be thinking to yourself ...'big deal.... four hundred bucks in two months. That's not much' . But the point is......

.....I Was Winning Consistently.

And that had never happened to me before in all my years of playing Lotto.

But I wanted more. I had to find out more about the formula that this guy had given me. The problem was, I didn't have a clue who he was, or where he came from. So I went back to the University and  started to ask around. It turned out that this person was actually a Professor of Mathematics and lectured at the University part-time.

Luckily, I was able to find out his name and get his phone number, so I called him, explained who I was (fortunately he remembered me) and made an appointment to see him at his home.

When I arrived, his wife showed me into his study. We'll, talk about walking into a 'time warp' , there he was behind his desk surround by books and papers.  The only spare space not taken up with papers were the walls, because they were covered with his Diplomas and Degrees in Mathematics from Universities and Colleges all over the world.

When we got talking, he spoke about his lifelong passion for Mathematics and how his greatest challenge was to devise a workable 'formula' that could be used to significantly increase the odds of winning at the game of Lotto.

In fact the Professor had spent nine-and-a-half years of his life relentlessly researching and testing his theories until he came up with the formula he gave to me.

Of course, the next question I asked him was.... 'how successful had his formula been for him during his tests over the past nine years'. 

Well, his eyes lit up, and he said, ''I've had......

.... 6 numbers win   -  5 times:
     .... 5 numbers win  -  24 times
     .... 4 numbers win  - 78 times
       .... 3 numbers win  -  269 times

To put all that another way, the Professors winning success rate over nine years stands at an astonishing....79.65%.

That sort of winning percentage is like going to the Lotto agent 10 times and bringing back winnings 7 of those times.

Now, have you had anything like that win rate playing your Lotto game over the past 10 years?

I'll bet you haven't!

I know I haven't.

What was even more surprising  was that during all those years of researching and testing the Professor never once invested any money himself in any game of Lotto or Lottery.

All he did was to monitor, analyze and tabulate the results of sixty five Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions and Euro Millions games each week from eight different countries.

Now, given the success rate of his system, just think for minute how much money the professor would have won had he actually put down his money on the numbers he played.

Well, I actually tried to work that out, and according to my fairly crude calculations, using the Lotto games he played and taking an average of the divisional wins, I estimate in the past 10 years, he would have won at least...

..... $2,700,000.00
How would you feel missing out on that ?.

Makes you feel sick...doesn't it

  Anyway, that's past history, and beside I didn't tell the Professor how much he could have won. I wouldn't be that cruel!.

Then I asked the professor if he had considered offering his system to the public for some real world testing. The problem was he didn't want to sell his system to anyone, under any circumstances. He just wanted to keep working, testing and fine tuning his formula himself to try to improving his winning 79.65% percentage.

But I wasn't going to give up easily and after more than an hour of negotiations, we finally came to an agreement.

He agreed to let me offer his 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software (that's the name we both chose for the system) to just 250 members of the public.

So, to do that I created a website similar to this one, and sold all 250 copies of the Professor's 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software in just 25 days.

Not only did I sell all 250 copies of the  'Formula 1 Lotto System'  software, but I also ended up with long list of people who wanted me to put then on an 'advanced notification list' so that they would be first in line IF another release of the software was going to happen.

Well.... what I thought would probably never happen again...... HAS happened...


Story about Formula 1 lotto system

Formula 1 lotto system download
Formula 1 lotto system download
Glen Hooke As a long time lottery player, he was always looking for that little something extra that would give him the winning edge. He gained that edge by developing the Formula 1 Lotto System and is now offering it to others.

Before the Formula 1 Lotto System, Glen was like most of us. He had tried everything he could think of, from asking for lucky numbers from family members to drawing numbers out of a hat. No matter what he tried, nothing worked. There seemed to be no end in sight and he was losing money.

Everything changed in one night. The Formula 1 Lotto System was about to be born.

Glen went into a bar one night and sat next to a stranger. As the lottery results were being shown on TV, both men began checking their numbers. Glen saw he had only one selected number much to his dismay. The other man started smiling as he checked his numbers. Glen had to ask how he did and the man responded that he selected 5 out 6 winning numbers. Glen was surprised when he asked the man how much he had won and he had responded "Nothing".

Glen just couldn't understand. He didn't buy a ticket, the man replied, he just liked to choose numbers as a hobby. Wanting to know more about the man, he found out he was a math professor at a college nearby. Glen was told that he had been compiling and studying information on the lottery for over 25 years. During that time period, he had created a mathematical formula that would select the winning numbers 8 out of 10 times.

Glen worked as an IT and saw quickly that with the professor's formula, if it really worked, that he could produce a software system them make him a winner as well as others. The Formula 1 Lotto System was about to become reality.

After weeks of conversations, the professor agreed to let Glen field test his formula by actually using it. To Glen’s delight it, he began to win. He won enough to realize that the formula worked.

The Formula 1 Lotto System took over 5 years to become what Glen had dreamed of. The main reason was that he had to hire computer programmers that could transfer the professor's complex formula into an easy to understand system that anyone could use.

This hard work paid off as Glen himself has won almost a half a million dollars in 7 years. Glen decided to offer the Formula 1 Lotto System to the public and when players started using it, he immediately began to receive e-mails from people that had success with it.

An easy to understand program, the Formula 1 Lotto System is very easy to use. If you know how to read and point and click a mouse, you can use it. When you have downloaded the system, you will be given a number of different games in a drop down menu. Choose which game you want to play from that list and you have started.

You will then be given numbers to choose from selected by the sequencing options that are developed from the Formula 1 Lotto System. After you pick your numbers from this list, you select "Yes". Then all you have to do is copy down the numbers onto your lotto form and submit it.

You’re now on your way to winning. With every win, you increase your confidence and can't wait to play the next game.

Masterluck recommends the Formula 1 Lotto System highly. It is affordable and easy to use. Let us know of your success. Masterluck is sure it will happen.


How Does The 'Formula 1 Lotto System' Work?

The formulas that the system is based on have taken more than ten years of studying and analyzing the results of a raft of statistical and mathematical data along with thousands of hours of mind numbing predictive analysis of over thirty five thousand lotto games from around the world, in order to determine the optimum number of possible number permutations (or number combinations).
From all that..... a formula was developed to compile the optimum combination of numbers that included all possible number variables and spreads. 
It's only been in the last four years that a computer algorithm was developed which was capable of processing the literally millions of pieces of data necessary to create this unique and powerful software (in fact it took three computer programmers 14 months to develop the algorithm alone)
Now, I couldn't begin to describe to you the computing power that has gone in to putting this system together. 

But what I can tell you is this.

Even with all that computing power and sophistication the one truly amazing feature of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software is that in the end, it has been designed for you -- for me -- for anyone.

For the "Average Joes" and "Average Joannas"......who wants to increase their odds of winning. (And who wouldn't?). 

You don't have to have a Degree in Mathematics or Statistics because the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software was designed to be....

..... So Easy To Use That A 10 Year Old Child Can Use It.

The 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software (that you download and keep on your own computer) isn't magic, it's a  scientifically researched approach to selecting numbers that will increase your chances of you winning more divisions, more divisional prizes, more money…and maybe even the Lotto Jackpot, and it does that by increasing you winning odds by an unbelievable..... 100,000 plus times.

In case you're worried that the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software is hard to use, let me show you.... in 5 simple steps.... exactly how you use this software. It's child's play!

When you first open up the 'Formula 1 Lotto System'  this is the screen you'll see.

Next you want to create a new number profile. Just click on the 'New Profile' button and the screen you see below will appear. If you have already created a number profile and you want to access it again. Just click 'Open Profile' and browse for the one you are after.
Step 1
Choose the game you want to play in from the drop down box
 In our example here I have chosen 'Australian Lotto 6/45'. Then enter the 'Number to games to play', and then enter the 'Cost per game'.  Now, you don't have to enter the 'Cost per game' if you don't want to, it just helps to determine your play budget. When you've done that click 'OK'
After you click 'OK', the following screen appears
Step 2
Next, you go through each box and choose your numbers from the predetermined choices you are given within each drop down box.(this is where the power of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' goes to work. The numbers that show in the drop-down boxes are very specific for a good reason, they are determined by the computer algorithm, and are generated accordingly.)
Step 3

When you've finished selecting all your numbers for the respective boxes, a 'Generate Matrix Layout' box appears. All you do is just click 'Yes'

Step 4
When you click 'Yes' you'll be presented with 3 number Matrix all filled out with your 6 game profiles. All you have to do now is to transfer your numbers onto your Lotto coupons (of course you can play as many games as you want.....we just used only 6 games in our example)
You can choose to 'Print' out the matrix or 'Save' it to your computer for future reference. It's up to you (I think it's a good idea to print out your matrix profile for future reference. It's also easier to have a printout of your numbers next to you as you fill out your coupons)

Step 5
To get the instructions about how to fill out your Lotto coupons all you do is 'Press F1' and all the instructions are there for you. You can't go wrong. To print out the instructions just click on the 'Print' button

And that's it.....that's all there is to using the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software.


How to Choose Lottery Numbers

Though there's no perfect method for choosing winning lottery numbers, you can experiment with a few different ways to make the process fun. Here are four different ways to fill in your lucky lottery ticket!

Method One: Frequency Picks

1 Look up the frequency chart for previous lottery draws. Most lotteries will offer charts showing how often each number has been drawn during a given timeframe. (For example, you can see a Powerball frequency chart via the Iowa State Lottery here).

  1. Choose your numbers based on the frequency chart. After you've looked over the odds, you have two options:
    • Select numbers that are drawn frequently. If you notice that a few numbers stand out for being drawn significantly more often than the others, consider including them in your pick. Be aware, though, that several other people will be trying this tactic; if you win with frequently-picked numbers, you might be at a greater risk of having to share the prize with other winners.
    • Select numbers that are drawn less frequently. Including numbers that aren't picked very often might seem like a counterintuitive strategy, but consider this: if everyone else is busy picking frequently drawn numbers and you win with your long-shot picks, you might not have to share the prize with as many other winners.
  2. 3
    Be aware that each number still has an equal chance of being drawn. Looking at frequency charts might show you which numbers tend to be drawn, but keep in mind that when the actual lottery drawing comes around, each number still has an absolutely equal chance of being picked.

Method Two: The Delta System

For this example we will use numbers 1 through 50. Make sure your upper limit is the same as the lottery you're playing.
  1. 1
    Choose a very low number. If you feel good about the number 1, choose 1. Winning numbers sometimes have two consecutive numbers, but sometimes they don't. There is no way to predict a winning number.

  2. 2
    Pick two numbers between 1 and 8. For example, 3 and 5.
  3. 3
    Pick a number very close to 8. For example, 9.
  4. 4
    Pick two numbers between 8 and 15. For example, 11 and 13.
  5. 5
    Write down your delta numbers. Our numbers are 1-3-5-9-11-13.
  6. 6
    Mix up the delta numbers. For example, 5-3-11-9-1-13.
  7. 7
    Write down the first delta number. This is our first lottery number.
  8. 8
    Add the first lottery number and the second delta number together. This is the second lottery number. Repeat this for the rest of the delta numbers.
    • For this example, your lottery numbers will be 5-8-19-28-29-42.
    • This method only works for drawings with 6 winning numbers.
    • Make sure you add you delta numbers up to make sure the total is lower that the highest number in the drawing. (example, 1+3+5+9+11+13=42).

Method Three: Lucky Numbers

  1. 1
    Choose numbers that are significant to you. If you believe in lucky numbers, they're probably digits that center around important dates or events in your life. For example, you might use:

    • Birthdays: Yours, your children's, your spouse's, and so on.
    • Anniversaries: This could be a wedding anniversary date, or the date of another significant event.
    • Ages: Using your age or the ages of your loved ones is also a common practice.
    • Addresses: The address of your childhood or current home is another tactic you can try.
    • Phone numbers: Try breaking down your phone number into a sequence of single- or double-digit lotto numbers.
  2. 2
    Choose numbers you consider lucky. Some folks have a lucky number they use for everything, that isn't connected to anything like a birthday. If this is the case for you, add your lucky number to the mix!
    • If you're playing a lottery like Powerball, consider making your lucky number the powerball pick.
    • Be aware that most people consider numbers like 7 and 11 lucky, and know that they're extremely common lottery picks. If you win with these numbers on your ticket, you might end up sharing the prize with a lot of people.

Method Four: Random Numbers

  1. 1
    Find a random number generator. has one specifically designed for lottery picks.

    • Enter your variables.
    • Write down your numbers on your lottery ticket.
  2. 2
    Or, allow the lottery to choose randomly for you. You can request random picks when you purchase your lottery ticket. If you're buying several tickets at one time, this is probably the way to go. 
  3. Tips

    • Remember, the lottery is completely random and there's no perfect way to pick numbers. If there were, it wouldn't be fun!


Lottery mathematics

Lottery mathematics is used here to mean the calculation of the probabilities in a lottery game. The lottery game used in the examples below is one in which one selects 6 numbers from 49, and hopes that as many of those 6 as possible match the 6 that are randomly selected from the same pool of 49 numbers in the "draw".
Calculation explained in choosing 6 from 49

In a typical 6/49 game, six numbers are drawn from a range of 49 and if the six numbers on a ticket match the numbers drawn, the ticket holder is a jackpot winner—this is true no matter in which order the numbers appear. The probability of this happening is 1 in 13,983,816.
This small chance of winning can be demonstrated as follows:
Starting with a bag of 49 differently-numbered lottery balls, there are 49 different but equally likely ways of choosing the number of the first ball selected from the bag, and so there is a 1 in 49 chance of predicting the number correctly. When the draw comes to the second number, there are now only 48 balls left in the bag (because the balls already drawn are not returned to the bag) so there is now a 1 in 48 chance of predicting this number.
Thus for each of the 49 ways of choosing the first number there are 48 different ways of choosing the second. This means that the probability of correctly predicting 2 numbers drawn from 49 in the correct order is calculated as 1 in 49 × 48. On drawing the third number there are only 47 ways of choosing the number; but of course we could have gotten to this point in any of 49 × 48 ways, so the chances of correctly predicting 3 numbers drawn from 49, again in the correct order, is 1 in 49 × 48 × 47. This continues until the sixth number has been drawn, giving the final calculation, 49 × 48 × 47 × 46 × 45 × 44, which can also be written as {49!\over (49-6)!}. This works out to a very large number, 10,068,347,520, which is much bigger than the 14 million stated above.
The last step is to understand that the order of the 6 numbers is not significant. That is, if a ticket has the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, it wins as long as all the numbers 1 through 6 are drawn, no matter what order they come out in. Accordingly, given any set of 6 numbers, there are 6 × 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 6! or 720 orders in which they could be drawn. Dividing 10,068,347,520 by 720 gives 13,983,816, also written as 49! / (6! × (49 - 6)!), or more generally as
{n\choose k}={n!\over k!(n-k)!}.
This function is called the combination function; in Microsoft Excel, this function is implemented as COMBIN(n, k). For example, COMBIN(49, 6) (the calculation shown above), would return 13,983,816. For the rest of this article, we will use the notation {n\choose k}. "Combination" means the group of numbers selected, irrespective of the order in which they are drawn.
An alternative method of calculating the odds is to never make the erroneous assumption that balls must be selected in a certain order. The odds of the first ball corresponding to one of the six chosen is 6/49; the odds of the second ball corresponding to one of the remaining five chosen is 5/48; and so on. This yields a final formula of
{n\choose k}={49\choose 6}={49\over 6} * {48\over 5} * {47\over 4} * {46\over 3} * {45\over 2} * {44\over 1}
The range of possible combinations for a given lottery can be referred to as the "number space". "Coverage" is the percentage of a lottery's number space that is in play for a given drawing.

Odds of getting other possibilities in choosing 6 from 49

One must divide the number of combinations producing the given result by the total number of possible combinations (for example, {49\choose 6} = 13,983,816, as explained in the section above). The numerator equates to the number of ways one can select the winning numbers multiplied by the number of ways one can select the losing numbers.
For a score of n (for example, if 3 of your numbers match the 6 balls drawn, then n = 3), there are {6\choose n} ways of selecting n winning numbers from the 6 winning numbers. This means that there are 6 - n losing numbers, which are chosen from the 43 losing numbers in {43\choose 6-n} ways. The total number of combinations giving that result is, as stated above, the first number multiplied by the second. The expression is therefore {6\choose n}{43\choose 6-n}\over {49\choose 6}.
This can be written in a general form for all lotteries as: {K\choose B}{N-K\choose K-B}\over {N\choose K}, where N is the number of balls in lottery, K is the number of balls in a single ticket, and B is the number of matching balls for a winning ticket.
The generalisation of this formula is called the hypergeometric distribution (the HYPGEOMDIST() function in most popular spreadsheets).
This gives the following results:
Score Calculation Exact Probability Approximate Decimal Probability Approximate 1/Probability
0 {6\choose 0}{43\choose 6}\over {49\choose 6} 435,461/998,844 0.436 2.2938
1 {6\choose 1}{43\choose 5}\over {49\choose 6} 68,757/166,474 0.413 2.4212
2 {6\choose 2}{43\choose 4}\over {49\choose 6} 44,075/332,948 0.132 7.5541
3 {6\choose 3}{43\choose 3}\over {49\choose 6} 8,815/499,422 0.0177 56.66
4 {6\choose 4}{43\choose 2}\over {49\choose 6} 645/665,896 0.000969 1,032.4
5 {6\choose 5}{43\choose 1}\over {49\choose 6} 43/2,330,636 0.0000184 54,200.8
6 {6\choose 6}{43\choose 0}\over {49\choose 6} 1/13,983,816 0.0000000715 13,983,816

Powerballs And Bonus Balls

Many lotteries have a powerball (or "bonus ball"). If the powerball is drawn from a pool of numbers different from the main lottery, then simply multiply the odds by the number of powerballs. For example, in the 6 from 49 lottery, if there were 10 powerball numbers, then the odds of getting a score of 3 and the powerball would be 1 in 56.66 × 10, or 566.6 (the probability would be divided by 10, to give an exact value of 8815/4994220). Another example of such a game is Mega Millions, albeit with different jackpot odds.
Where more than 1 powerball is drawn from a separate pool of balls to the main lottery (for example, in the Euromillions game), the odds of the different possible powerball matching scores should be calculated using the method shown in the "other scores" section above (in other words, treat the powerballs like a mini-lottery in their own right), and then multiplied by the odds of achieving the required main-lottery score.
If the powerball is drawn from the same pool of numbers as the main lottery, then, for a given target score, one must calculate the number of winning combinations, including the powerball. For games based on the Canadian lottery (such as the United Kingdom's lottery), after the 6 main balls are drawn, an extra ball is drawn from the same pool of balls, and this becomes the powerball (or "bonus ball"), and there is an extra prize for matching 5 balls and the bonus ball. As described in the "other scores" section above, the number of ways one can obtain a score of 5 from a single ticket is {6\choose 5}{43\choose 1} or 258. Since the number of remaining balls is 43, and the ticket has 1 unmatched number remaining, 1/43 of these 258 combinations will match the next ball drawn (the powerball). So, there are 258/43 = 6 ways of achieving it. Therefore, the odds of getting a score of 5 and the powerball are {6}\over {49\choose 6} = 1 in 2,330,636.
Of the 258 combinations that match 5 of the main 6 balls, in 42/43 of them the remaining number will not match the powerball, giving odds of {258 \cdot {{42}\over {43}}}\over {49\choose 6} = 3/166,474 (approximately 55,491.33) for obtaining a score of 5 without matching the powerball.
Using the same principle, to calculate the odds of getting a score of 2 and the powerball, calculate the number of ways to get a score of 2 as {6\choose 2}{43\choose 4} = 1,851,150 then multiply this by the probability of one of the remaining four numbers matching the bonus ball, which is 4/43. Since 1,851,150 × (4/43) = 172,200, the probability of obtaining the score of 2 and the bonus ball is {172,200}\over {49\choose 6} = 1025/83237. This gives approximate decimal odds of 81.2.
The general formula for B matching balls in a N choose K lottery with one bonus ball from the N pool of balls is: {K-B\over N-K}{K\choose B}{N-K\choose K-B}\over {N\choose K}
The general formula for B matching balls in a N choose K lottery with zero bonus ball from the N pool of balls is: {N-K-K+B\over N-K}{K\choose B}{N-K\choose K-B}\over {N\choose K}
The general formula for B matching balls in a N choose K lottery with one bonus ball from a separate pool of P balls is: {1\over P}{K\choose B}{N-K\choose K-B}\over {N\choose K}
The general formula for B matching balls in a N choose K lottery with no bonus ball from a separate pool of P balls is:
{P-1\over P}{K\choose B}{N-K\choose K-B}\over {N\choose K}

Minimum number of tickets for a match

It is a hard, in most cases open, mathematical problem to calculate the minimum number of tickets one needs to purchase to guarantee that at least one of these tickets matches at least 2 numbers. In the 5-from-90 lotto, the minimum number that can guarantee a ticket with at least 2 matches is 100.